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Programming Overview 12/5/16 – 12/9/16


Today we are introducing a common strength metcon used in the CrossFit world called “EMOTM” which stands for Every Minute on the Minute. Have you ever come in during open gym, done 5 sets of something but you look at the clock and 1 hour and a half has passed by? I have, it sucks. EMOTM are used to get WORK done FAST. We will be doing a 8 min EMOTM of deadlifts followed by a heavy barbell workout with cleans, front squats, and T-2-B.


Today we will build upon yesterday with a similar EMOTM wod but it will be stretched out over 20 minutes coupled with some fun rowing intervals!


Today we will be focusing on Back Squats for the strength part of the day followed by a rounds for time style wod that includes 4 different movements. All rep schemes for each movement are designed to be just high enough to push you outside of your comfort zone and leave you feeling a little soreĀ  the next day.


The “warm up” will be a partner featured one in which one will be rowing and the other will be performing two different movements, one of them will be making its debut in the gym. Following the warm up, we will be doing a barbell only type of wod as the weight will be light and the intent is to push yourself and go hard. The rep scheme is long and looks intimidating on paper but just take it one rep at a time and you should be able to cycle through them at a quick rate.


We finish off the week with some heavy back squats and an open workout (11.2) which is a 15 min AMRAP that should be a good test of work capacity.