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Programming Overview 12/26/16 – 12/30/16

This week is packed with volume and strength as we will definitely be utilizing every minute of our hour to get better. This includes higher volume squats at a heavy percentage coupled with short to moderate WOD’s that are packed full of high impact volume.


Today we will be doing 5×5 Back Squats for the first time. Typically we stop at 4 sets, today we are working up to 5. Following the strength work, we will be doing a workout for time that includes 4 rounds of hang cleans, box jumps, and wall balls which will definitely have your glutes feeling a little warm and fuzzy.


Today we will be starting off class with a “warm-up” of 500m rowing intervals that will definitely get you burning off those Holiday cookies. The intention here is to row at a fast pace with short rest duration to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. For the WOD we will be doing a scaled weight version of “DT”. The focus on today’s WOD is to build up your work capacity for handling higher volume deadlifts. Expect to see this more and more in the next coming weeks.


Today we will be doing a 3×4 of heavy Front Squats as we continue to build strength in our quads in addition to our glutes. Being able to handle more weight under the bar will pay dividends in future workouts as the stronger you get the greater work capacity you have, which translates into more calories burned. We start today’s WOD off with an Ab burner called “Annie”. If you are one that is not a fan of the jump rope, you will be conquering some fears today #sorrynotsorry. Immediately following Annie we will be going into a 12 min AMRAP consisting of KB swings, snatches, and lunges. Although Annie is a great WOD it is not enough to achieve the desired result out of today so we will be double dipping on WOD’s to ensure you leave with a good workout.


Today we will be working on some heavy Deadlifts coupled with some much needed technique work on power cleans. As always, it is quality over quantity so the tune up on technique is something that should be appreciated and desired. To finish off the day we will be doing a benchmark WOD in the name of “Jackie”. The intention of this WOD is to put your foot on the gas pedal and go!


Previous WOD’s during the week have been short with high intensity. Today we will switch it up and do a long metcon in which you get the flexibility to partition however you wish. Following this, we will relax with some romwod to finish off a great week of training.