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Programming Overview 12/11/16 – 12/12/16

This week you will see classic CrossFit programming. What this means is that there will be a healthy mix of long aerobic capacity workouts, short explosive metcons, and strength building wod’s that are all systematically priming your body to transform into the best shape of your life.


Today we are doing some heavy front squats for the strength part of the day as it’s been a couple weeks since we have last done them. Focus on maintaining a good quality front rack position while driving through the heels. Today’s wod will be a ladder consisting of thrusters and T-2-B. This is designed for you to push yourself hard but the impact to your body in regards to soreness the next day should be minimal.


Today’s wod will consist of bear complexes. If you have never heard of a bear complex “you are gonna learnnn today!” in my Kevin Hart voice. This bear complex wod will be combined with double unders to ensure you maintain an increasing heart rate throughout the entire workout. This wod is intended to be HEAVY. If you can handle more weight and perform the movement safely then throw some more weight on. In addition to getting stronger we will also be working on some rowing intervals to increase our “engines”. Your welcome.


Today will be a long metcon consisting of 6 different movements. This one will test you both mentally and physically. The approach to this workout is to take it one rep at a time at a nice steady pace. The desired outcome is to have your heart rate at a moderate to high pace for the entire time but it shouldn’t be anywhere near a max rate. Long aerobic wod’s like this will pay dividends down the road in regards to increasing your overall work capacity.


Today is a retest of 16.5. which consists of thrusters and burpees. As we continue to prep for the open it is always good to throw in some open wod’s to test where we are at with our fitness. The key to this workout is to not go out too fast. Slow and steady wins the race. If you come out too fast you will regret it later in the workout. After the wod will be recovering with some romwod.


We finish off the week with some heavy back squats followed by a rounds for time workout. This wod is chipper style and includes front rack lunges, pistol squats, pull-ups, and deadlifts. The longest time under tension will be during the front rack lunges. For all the other movements you should be able to string several reps together at once if not all of them. The weight on the deadlifts will be super light so if you can try your best to go touch and go. This workout is not meant to be a strength based wod, as it more geared towards increasing your “engine”.