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Programming Overview 11/21/16 – 11/25/16

This is going to be an intentional deload week. This is an opportunity to give your body a much needed rest. Giving your body rest does not mean do nothing. We are still being active and moving but the intensity is scaled down to not exhaust your central nervous system.

The majority of movements we will be doing this week will be low impact movements on your muscles and joints. This is not to be misinterpreted as “easy workouts” as they will still challenge you but the intensity will be a couple notches below normal. Trust me when I say this, you really need to take advantage of this deload week because things will start to get REAL starting in December in preparation for the open.


Today we will be testing our 1RM back squat. Hopefully we should see a bunch of PR’s and a rope climb to ring the bell? Just a thought. Today’s WOD will be a 13 min AMRAP that includes alternating dumbbell snatches. Focus on quality over quantity to ensure you are performing this movement safely. After the WOD we will be working on the continued development of core strength.


We will be doing a couple sets of heavy deadlifts for the strength part of today followed by a barbell complex workout mixed in with some double unders.


Today’s WOD will include snatches and will be a little longer on length but the overall impact on your body after the workout shouldn’t be too bad. This is one where it might suck a lot during the workout but after you shouldn’t be too sore from. We will finish the day off with some core work.


We will be closed all day in observance of Thanksgiving. A decent amount of our members are participating in the Drumstick dash. Best of luck to everyone racing and hope everyone has a safe and successful run!


This is a recovery day mainly tailored to everyone that participated in the Drumstick Dash. We will be warming up with a 2K row at a conversational pace of 2:20/2:45 to get the blood flowing in the legs and flush out the lactic acid from the run. The WOD will be a low impact workout on your body but should be just enough to get your heart rate up for a sustained period of time as we will be performing 5 different bodyweight movements. We will finish the day off with some Romwod.