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Halloween 2

Programming Overview 11/14/16 – 11/18/16

This week we are continuing to improve our work capacity by adding in a few workouts that will be sure to test your limits. As we approach December we will slowly begin to ramp up the amount of cardio done during the week as our prep for the 2017 Open is just around the corner.


Today will be a full body workout. If you haven’t seen it on Wodify already you might be better off just not looking and just coming in as it is going to be a long one!


This should be a medium length workout that includes snatches. It should get your heart rate up and you should feel pretty good after your done but it should definitely not kill you. You should be able to recover from this one pretty quickly and we will cap this “light day” off with a little romwod.


We will get our back squat on (well you guys will not me cause I’m the glassman with a broken back). For today’s workout we will be featuring a lovely couplet of wall balls and power cleans served with a side of pain in the quads and hamstrings.


Today will be a 2 for 1 special that will include some long distance rowing, and a lot of upper body movements that should leave your shoulders and forearms feeling pretty toasty.


Finishing off the week with some heavy back squats and a nice little cycle workout that includes a 1 minute rest in between each round. This one is a benchmark workout that has a name that is defined as the leader in charge, or you can also think of this name as the leader of an Indian tribe.