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Invest in your Food Now and Profit Later


A healthy diet can be thought of as an investment with both short and long term potential. It not only gives you immediate sustenance, but in a few short weeks can help with things like weight loss, blood pressure, increased energy and bringing your skin back to its previous glow. There’s really no downside.
Cheap and convenient diets are bad diets. The result of this type of eating in the short term is that, well…it’s cheap. You are likely consuming empty calories and your body is never really fully satisfied with the nutrients it deserves and needs. It’s also doubtful you’ll see any health benefits from this type of eating.

Eating clean is sooooo much more expensive….or is it?

According to a survey done by Visa in 2015 the average American spends about $53 per week on lunch every week when factoring in both money spent on takeout, restaurants, and “brown-bag” meals from home.
Artie’s Paleo on the Go sells delicious Paleo cooked meals stored in a reusable container (that are pretty legit) for an average price of $13 per meal. Every week a new menu is posted online to keep your taste buds on their toes. The best part about it is that there is no guessing. If you order a meal from Artie’s you know exactly what you are getting as they list out all the macros (carbs, protein, fat, and total calories). At first glance you might think that $13 is too much to spend on a meal. Hmmmm, I am a Finance guy so let’s do the math.


Next time you are sitting at your desk staring at your bologna sandwich, string cheese stick, and leftover chicken from dinner 5 days ago that you are questioning whether or not you will vomit of sickness from eating it ask yourself is an extra $12 a week really worth it? Why suffer through questionably expired leftovers while you can eat like a king for a reasonable price? When you go with Artie’s you know that you are consuming the highest quality of ingredients and are well on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals without compromising taste. Ordering from Artie’s completely takes away the hassle of meal prepping out of the equation for you. Trust me I know, I used to spend 2 hours on the weekend prepping all my meals.

arties paleo vs. bologne sandwich

How does taking care of your health translate into actual money?
According to MoneyWatch, by eating healthier now you eliminate costly medical bills as you get older that you may not have if you’re healthy. This means a couple retiring at age 65 could potentially save $100,000 or more, not to mention extend their lifespan by five to seven years.

The Last Word
A well-balanced healthy diet is an investment in your future. The payoff can be found in your incredible health and vitality as you get older. Ultimately the choice is yours to make but choose wisely as the consequences could lead to an unsatisfied aesthetic appearance and health complications later down the road. If you have been inspired by this article or have been on the verge of wanting to make a lifestyle dietary change let this be your little nudge. Check out our friends over at Artie’s Paleo on the Go as they deliver to our CrossFit box every Monday. Pick-up is free of charge at our location.